Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment?

Bridal appointments are required.  Appointments do not make us more expensive, they help us provide each customer with personalized service.  On weekdays it may be possible for us to take a walk-in; and we certainly do our best never to turn away a customer, however, calling us first will ensure that we are able to take you at that time and reduce unnecessary stress.  Also please note that Satruday bridal appointments we charge $25 to hold your Satruday spot.  If you say yes to the dress at any point in time (it does not have to be that day) we will deduct that $25 off the purchase of your gown.  We had to implement this for Saturday's do to the no shows and ladies that were on a waiting list for the special Saturday spots.

What should I expect from my appointment?

We will provide you with a long line bra and a slip.  These help the gowns slip on and off easier as well as providing you some amount of privacy because we do put all the gowns on and off to ensure you get the best possible look at each gown.  Bridal appointments typically last about an hour and a half.  End of day appointments must be scheduled at least one and a half hours prior to closing time (see Location & Hours page.). Bridesmaids and Mothers appointments are scheduled for one hour.

How do I make an appointment?

You may email us at to make initial contact, but calling us (301-662-8874) is preferable so that we can get all of the information necessary to book your appointment.

How many people can I bring with me to my appointment?

We have very limited seating, so we strongly request that you bring a maximum of 3 people plus yourself.  If you feel you need to bring more than 3 guests we will ask that you come on a weekday when the boutique is not as busy.  Children are discouraged, unless they are being measured for a dress.  Children must remain with an adult at all times and are not permitted to stand on pedestals or try on tiaras, veils, and shoes.  

What credit cards do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard and Discover.  A minimum deposit of 75% is required on all bridal gown orders. Bridesmaids and Mothers gowns must be paid in full prior to ordering

After my order is placed for my wedding gown, how long will it take to arrive?

TLC Bridal Boutique places each order the same day as your purchase is made.  Average arrival is 5 to 8 months, depending on the designer and the time of year. Special ordering your gown with custom changes may take a little longer. Rush shipping is available from most designers for an extra charge.

Am I allowed to take pictures?

Pictures are allowed. Video cameras are NOT allowed.

How can I have the best experience TLC Bridal Boutique has to offer?

The best days to come to TLC Bridal Boutique are weekdays. Weekdays are more relaxed which means you will have a longer time to shop and more mirror space.

How do you determine what size I will wear?

When you order a gown, a consultant will take your measurements over just your bra and underwear. This insures snug body measurements. Measurements should never be taken over clothing. Each designer has their own size chart. The bride is allowed to order any size she chooses. If your measurements fall between sizes it is best to order for the larger measurements. Gowns can be taken in, but may not have extra fabric to be let out. Gowns are not cut to your measurements so expect alterations, which are an additional charge, to make your gown fit perfectly.

Do you accept returns?

All sales are final. This final sales policy is consistent with the bridal industry standard.

What are the price ranges of the gowns that you sell?

Wedding gowns range from $1100-$3000. Bridesmaid’s gowns range from under $100 up to $250.  Payment in full is required to place your order.

Bridesmaid and Mothers questions

Do I need an appointment for my bridesmaids and/or Mothers?

Absolutely, we only schedule one bridesmaid group at a time, again to be sure to give your girls the attention they require.  Bridesmaid’s appointments are scheduled for 1 hour.  Mothers appointments are also a separate appointment, we like to spend extra time with our Mothers to be sure that they get almost as much attention as our brides, again, to give that one on one attention appointments are necessary.

How long should I allow for bridesmaids gowns to arrive after ordering?

Bridesmaid’s gowns take 14-18 weeks to arrive after ordering. Rush is available from most designers for a charge.

How can I make sure my bridesmaids gowns are the best fit possible?

Make sure your bridesmaids get measured properly. We also recommend that you come in to try the gown on, or find a store near you that carries the gown. The most common mistake is that bridesmaids measure too far down for their waist measurement. The waist is measured at the smallest part of the torso, above the belly button. Not where you wear your jeans. Also, your bust measurement is not your bra size. Every bridesmaid’s gown designer has its own size chart, and the sizes can vary greatly. You could wear a 6 by one designer and a 10 by another designer. Do not guess at your size. You can always have a gown taken in, but you may not have enough fabric to let a gown out. The bridesmaid’s gowns are not cut to your measurements. You are ordering the closest size to your measurements. TLC Boutique staff will explain where your measurements fall on the size chart, but the decision is yours. Extra length is usually necessary if you are 5'9" or over. Please consider the heel height you will be wearing.

If I order the wrong size bridesmaid’s gowns will the designer exchange sizes with me?

It is the policy of the bridal industry that there are no exchanges and all sales are final. Bridesmaid’s gowns are cut just for your order. The gowns are not kept in stock. When TLC Boutique places your order for you bridesmaids gowns, the gowns are cut from the same dye lot of fabric and in the sizes you requested.